Choosing the best juicer

One of the thinks that organic people asks me a lot is how to choose the best juicer. So I’ve written some words below to explain the basics differecens between masticating and centrifugal juicers.


If you are not a juicer yet, check out which is the best juicer in the market and start doing it today. There are many models and it can be a bit confusing. But this website make it easier to find the best juicers.

The most common juicers available on the market today, the ones that you see on late night television commercials and in department stores, are usually centrifugal juice extractors. These types of juicers will use a sharp blade that spins at high revolutions to extract juice from fruits and vegetables by grinding them up and using centrifugal force to separate the juices. A masticating juicer works very differently. This type of machine will grind, crush, and squeeze juice out of the fruits and vegetables you put into it.

Centrifugal juicers are usually quite a bit faster and do a really good job of extracting juice from fruits and some vegetables but they can struggle a bit with green leafy vegetables. The rapidly rotating blades chop up green leafy vegetables without extracting very much juice. A masticating juicer will use an auger to push the vegetables through a screen, crushing and squeezing the juices out of the vegetables. When it comes to green leafy vegetables a masticating juicer is able to extract the juices far more effectively.

A masticating juicer will also be less noisy, less messy, and generally easier to clean as well. They do not make as much noise because they operate slowly and do not have a motor zipping along at thousands of RPMs. The lack of a rapidly rotating blade also reduces the amount of splattering, keeping things quite a bit cleaner.

Masticating juicers are usually more versatile machines as well. In addition to being able to effectively extract juice from vegetables that give centrifugal juicers of rough time, masticating units can also be used to make nut butter, pates, baby food, sauces etc. If you have the need for speed a centrifugal juicer might be the right choice for you but a masticating juicer will usually do a better job and is a much more versatile machine.

Wheatgrass juicing

One of the easiest organic foods you can grow is wheatgrass. Wheatgrass juice is a very popular food. To choose the best juicer for wheatgrass, check here:

Why Mothers Should Go Organic First

Many mothers are finding it really important to strictly feed their babies with organic baby food and milk. With the rising number of children inflicted with unusual diseases such as kidney failure and cancer, organic baby food is not anymore an alternative but the only choice for them.

Eating inorganic or conventional food harms the physical body of any person regardless of age. If the person happens to be pregnant, there is a 100% possibility of passing the toxic substances to the baby inside the womb via the mother’s bloodstream to the baby’s umbilical cord. This was proven by a study which collected samples of blood from the umbilical cord of children and tested for pollutants. It revealed 21 pesticides crossed the placenta and directly entered the babies’ system.

In another study conducted and published by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2005, the result of having organic food diet significantly reduced the levels of pesticide to undetectable levels. The research measured the levels of pesticide in the urine of the children before and after going on organic food diet.

How else are toxic compounds enter the baby’s system? As more mothers are joining the work force, majority of them are feeding their babies with infant formula. Even with the advertisements that say “Breast milk is still best for children,” working mothers make this substitute in feeding their babies. Many mothers also think that a more expensive brand gives their babies near to breast milk quality. While babies on infant formula really grow bigger, size does not determine the true state of any child’s physical health.

Synthetic growth hormones applied to dairy cattle are transferred to their milk and to the infant formula as its end product. These growth hormones are then accumulated by the babies dependent on the infant formula. Several studies have already suggested of the effects of exposure to such growth hormones.

The innocent babies cannot yet decide for themselves. They cannot choose which milk to drink, and if they can even choose and choose mother’s milk, they are not also assured of being free from harmful substances. Therefore, it all depends on the mother. Going for natural and organic food must start with the mother to ensure that the milk she provides to her child is indeed safe and best for the baby.

Organic has to be certified? No, it can planted by you

If you plant the food you are eating, you are sure of what you are eating. If you eat the food grown by someone else, you now rely to authorities in telling what you are eating. Organic food can be self-certified by planting it yourself. What you plant, you eat; what you sow, you reap.

It reminds me of the vegetable farmers I visited once. They knew of the health risks of pesticides, yet they continued to spray and use different kinds of these in their crops. When I noticed that they were also eating their produce, I told them they were also eating the harmful chemicals they were applying to their crops. Surprisingly, they just laughed. When they sensed I had no interest in eating with them, they said they spared a portion of the farm for their own consumption. This area was not subject to harmful pesticides and the produce were safe for the entire family.

Produce what is good for your family; better still, produce what is also good for others. In developing your own organic garden, you reap more good things if you also share your harvest to your neighbors. Share the good harvest and recycle the bad ones. In recycling, the plant reunites with the soil and provides the nutrients for the next crops to grow.

Because you know you used everything according to the nature’s way – you planted seeds that are not modified, you used compost to fertilize the soil, you watered the plants with care and happiness – you know that you produced something that nature will give you back.
You have not harmed the environment, therefore you have shown great concern for mother nature. You are totally eliminating harmful chemicals from your system, therefore you are not giving back harmful chemicals to mother nature. Mother nature has no other choice but to provide you the best creation it can do. This is a product that does not need the USDA certification, yet it is the best organic food that only you and the people you have shared with can have.

Enjoy eating your food. It is the one genuinely certified organic food that gives every cell of your body a tremendous glow.

For more info on organic regulation, check the gov website on the topic

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